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Being Open

by | Jun 15, 2023

Cate Cassata considers herself an outgoing person but did not have any camp experience prior to attending the first Mountain Bike Camp at Horizons in 2022.

“My brother had been here before, but it was scary at first,” Cate said. “For me, it was a weird environment where I didn’t know anyone except Ellie, but the counselors were really great at making us feel welcome. That first dinner was how I got to know people, and by campfire that first night, we were all settled in and comfortable with each other,” Cate shared.

“I would highly encourage anyone who is hesitant about coming to camp to just go for it. You don’t have to be an outgoing person to come to camp. The outgoing people will comfort you and the counselors are just so great at bringing everyone together to connect.”

Cate returned to Horizons in 2023 for Week 1 – Outdoor Pursuits and will participate in Leaders in Training later this summer. “I’ve never really done adventure stuff like this,” Cate said. “ I would recommend being open to new people and new experiences. I’ve learned so much about others and myself, trying new things like climbing and mountain biking.

We are so lucky to have Cate as a camper and joining us this summer for Leaders in Training. She exemplifies what being a camper and counselor means and will be a great addition to the future summer staff at Horizons.