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Guiding Light

by | Oct 1, 2023

It had been years since Kim Jensen, one of Horizons first campers and former staff, had visited Horizons. I got to sit down with her on her recent visit to Wisconsin after she enjoyed a hike and tour of the property with fellow alumni.

“I love seeing the changes and growth at Horizons. Things change, life changes, and the world changes. All the changes at Horizons are perfect because that guiding light is the mission. It’s the foundation, the core, it’s the heartbeat. Everything looks so great but still feels the same and I love that. Camp is SO special.”

“I’m so happy to be getting involved with camp again,” Kim said. “It started with the “Old Timers Reunion” we had in remembrance of Duane. It was like I had seen everyone a week ago. This connection to people, community, and nature keeps me coming back. Horizons is where I fell in love with hiking and being outdoors. It taught me how to connect and form a community, how to be non-judgmental in a community, and that we all have shared norms and values. I love how Duane made Christianity so practical. It’s about how you treat people, how you treat the world, how you communicate, how you connect and it’s all still happening!”

We are so thankful that Kim found her way back to camp. During our visit, she shared some brilliant ideas to get more Alumni, and possibly their children who were campers, involved with Horizons. Starting with the Horizons Family Tree. We are asking Alumni to think about your camp year. Would you be willing to contact some of your Horizons Family and ensure they are connected with camp? If not, can you help reconnect us? Are you, as Kim said it, “an old timer”? Would you consider naming Horizons as a beneficiary in your estate plan? However, you can help connect this vast 54-year-old community ensures a successful future for generations to come connect to the harmonies of God, self, others and nature.