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Perfect Combination

by | Nov 21, 2023

Krista Scott is an active mother of two who loves her neighbors and is passionate about experiencing adventures with friends and family.

“We first came to Horizons during the height of Covid for Spring @ Horizons.” shared Krista. “We were invited by friends to escape the chaos and solitude of the pandemic.”

“At Horizons, we were able to disconnect. There was this sense of normalcy, community, and connection we were missing during that time. When I turned down the driveway that first time, I was just so happy. I felt like I had all this breathing room, and the kids loved it.” Krista shared. “Horizons was the perfect combination of independence and being safe. My kids were comfortable and confident. There was just so much to do. It was and continues to be our time to explore, connect, and be away from everything.”

For Krista, the hiking and ropes course are her favorite activities. “I love the ropes course,” Krista said with a huge smile. “I get to do these things that, as a mom, I normally wouldn’t be able to do with young kids, but because of this incredible community, I get to try new things while the kids are off on their own adventures. The families help each other out, allowing us to have these amazing experiences as adults. The community at Horizons is unlike anything else.” she said.

The Scott family has since become very engaged across all of Horizons’ programming. They attend every family camp their schedule allows, and their son Lincoln attends summer camp annually. Krista volunteers at Horizons events and regularly assists with field trips to the ropes course. Her husband Dan is a drone pilot and has created some incredible videos we use to share the camp experience, including the most recent video recapping Trails & Tasting.

Like so many families, the Scott family’s love for Horizons shines through in their dedication to this community and their contribution through volunteering to ensure that Horizons’ future is bright for their children and for all people to enjoy.