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Role for Everyone

by | Jun 3, 2023

What started as a nice drive in the country to the congregational picnic turned into a lifelong love of service to Bethel Horizons for Mary Lou and Phil Dzick.

“It was that first view that did it for me,” said Mary Lou, beaming. “After that, we volunteered for every work day at Horizons.”

“Whenever something needed to be done at Horizons, people pulled together,” said Mary Lou. “There was a role for everyone. If you weren’t a builder, you could mow the lawn, help with landscaping, or provide meals at church. Horizons has always been a community coming together to get things done. We made so many new friendships with people from church this way, too,” said Mary Lou.

“It’s people who win,” shared Phil. “You can have the best facilities and great ideas, but it is the people who make it work.”

Phil and Mary Lou are shining examples of those winning people. They continue to live out their passion for fellowship and volunteering through the Bethel Horizons Bike-A-Thon. The Dzicks have been organizing and contributing to the Bike-A-Thon for over 30 years. They bring together a dedicated group of people who share their passion for creating transformational experiences in nature. Their commitment to this event raises tens of thousands of dollars each year to keep field trips to Horizons affordable so that students can spend hours in nature through adventure and environmental education programs.

We are so grateful to the Dzicks for their lifelong commitment to Horizons and everyone who donates their time through volunteering and fundraising to support programming at Horizons.