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Spiritual Touchstone

by | Mar 15, 2023

Pam Shellberg grew up in Chicago, and her experience with being “in the wilderness,” as she said, was when her family rented cottages up in Door County.

“We always had running water,” Pam giggled. “I had never slept under the stars until that first staff training. I was terrified when we went on our first night hike, to the valley, without a flashlight.”

Pam shared how important it was to have those experiences in the “wild” at Horizons.

“It was life-changing for me to be with people who were so comfortable outdoors at Horizons. It was the first time I understood God’s spirit, particularly through the lens of nature. All of these things came differently to me because of where we were. Not in a college classroom or in the city.”

Pam has come full circle in her spiritual connection to nature with her position as the Director of Spiritual Nourishment at Holy Wisdom Monastery. “I have returned to a place where the land itself is a source of knowing—the idea of God, self, others, and nature. I feel like I was launched with that at Horizons. It feels integrated into who I am. I can’t think about God without thinking about nature or relationships in the community and others.”

Pam joined Horizons Board of Directors this year. She shared that being a part of Horizon’s board has “closed a loop” for her. “To be with other like-minded people who have shared memories and shared experiences that have this shared commitment to ensure that Horizons remains a spiritual touchstone for future generations is quite special,” she said.

We couldn’t agree more and are so grateful to all who have served on the board for their collective guidance and support for the bright future of Bethel Horizons.