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Welcome and Safe

by | Nov 1, 2023

Lindsey Scheid recalls the difficult transition she experienced as a 7th grader when her family left their church in McFarland to join Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison. She was distraught with their decision as she enjoyed her friends and their time in her hometown church.

Lindsey grew to love her family’s decision as she became more involved with Bethel’s youth group and their retreats to Horizons. Her circle of friends grew and became more diverse. One of Lindsey’s fondest memories was time spent during Lenten Lunches with Pastor Duane, surrounded by friends and family, strengthening that community bond she once was worried she had lost.

Life would take Lindsey to Colorado, where she worked as a mental health therapist utilizing her degree in Art Therapy. “I loved the work I was doing but felt like I was floundering and was compelled to move home to Wisconsin with no plan or job lined up.” Lindsey shared. She left Colorado, reconnected with Pastor Duane, and found a home at Bethel Horizons, working that first summer as the camp artist. Lindsey would spend the next nine years working and embodying Horizons’ mission of connecting campers to the harmonies of God, Self, Others, and Nature.

“Pastor Duane and Horizons made me realize my passion for ensuring all children feel welcome and safe. Horizons provided that space and place for many of the kids we served. The campers came from such different backgrounds with unique challenges at home, and we were able to give them these experiences in nature where they were accepted and loved and always given a second chance.”

This vital work and passion for restorative justice has stayed with Lindsey as she continues to ensure that children learn and grow through outdoor ministry as Associate Director at Green Lake Lutheran Ministries in Minnesota. Lindsey is forever grateful for her family’s decision to be a part of the Bethel community, the lifelong relationships she has built, and the opportunities that Horizons continues to provide.

We are grateful to have such a deep history with Lindsey and the Scheid family. Families like these provide such a rich fabric of connections over the decades.